The task at hand was to develop an approach that detects suspicious activities that are indicative of fraud. Unfortunately, during the initial part of our research this service was only been running in a demo mode. This prevented us from collecting any data that could had been used for analysis of possible detection methods.

The development of PaySim covers two phases. During the first phase, we modelled and implemented a MABS that used the schema of the real mobile money service and generated synthetic data following scenarios that were based on predictions of what could be possible when the real system starts operating. During the second phase we got access to transactional financial logs of the system and developed a new version of the simulator which uses aggregated transactional data to generate financial information more alike the original source.

Implementation available here:

Dataset available in Kaggle:

Kaggle has featured PaySim1 as dataset of the week of april 2018. See the full article:

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